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Panoramas On Steroids!

February 23, 2008 Leave a comment

126291811_5a499ceec3_b.jpg Now this tutorial is one of the coolest I’ve come across. We all love playing with panoramas but have you ever thought of creating them with other methods than those supplied on your camera? This tutorial by Photojojo covers a collage style technique for turning your photos into roid ragin’ panoramas. Enjoy!

View Tutorial Here. 


Composition Techniques

February 22, 2008 Leave a comment

I can never learn enough tips on composition, the more tips the better I say. The Digital Photography School has some useful articles on composition and practicing these techniques with your photography. I remember when I first began with photography and wondering why I couldn’t get what I was seeing in front of me to translate into a single frame in a photograph. These simple methods are a great way to learn how to make things “work” in your photos. Enjoy!

View Article Here. 

Photo by Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

Converting Your Camera Into An Infrared Camera

February 15, 2008 Leave a comment

img_5193a.jpg One of the questions I get alot on Parable Visions and Red Bubble is “how do I turn my camera into an infrared camera?”

There are basically three options that are worth considering. The first option is to buy an IR filter for your digital camera. I own the Hoya R72, which is a very good affordable choice. The problem however is that all digital cameras have an infrared blocking filter inside them, so putting an IR filter over your lens means you need really long shutter speeds to let enough light into the camera to get past the blocking filter. This basically means you can’t take handheld IR shots with this method.

The second option is to buy a camera that has already been converted into an IR camera. This is done by removing the IR blocking filter from inside the camera and replacing it with a piece of infrared optical glass. There are a few services around that will do this for you. I was lucky enough to win an auction on Ebay for my IR camera which saved me from having to do the next option.

The third option is to do the conversion yourself. This article by Tony Kaplan is a great tutorial to follow if you want a fun little project to do with your old digital camera.

The results of Infrared photography are beautiful, I never go anywhere without my IR camera. I’ve found that it transforms your photographs so much that everything you look at through the viewfinder becomes a photo opportunity. I have a collection of IR photos on my Parable Visions Gallery.

Click Here To View IR Conversion Article.

Photoshop – Artistic Methods Half Price!

February 15, 2008 Leave a comment

cover_front_small.jpg I’m currently selling the ebook version of my book “Artistic Methods” for only $4.99 on Ebay. (Half the original price!) Head on over to my ebay store to check it out. You can also download a free excerpt from Parable Visions.

If you’re not familiar with my book, here is the description from DAW. Enjoy!

“”Cameron Gray’s “Parable Visions – The Artistic Methods” is an art reference book for digital artists who wish to learn more about creating art by mixing digital and traditional mediums together using Adobe Photoshop. The book covers areas such as texturing, lighting, creating walls, floors, doors, skies etc, as well as information on composition, perspective, planning & journaling””

Contents Of Publication:

Planning, Sketching, Journaling
Taking Photographs For Texturing
Making Floors
Making Doorways
Texturing Ground
Texturing Walls
Texturing Objects
Texturing Figures
Gallery Of Selected Work
Making Paint Textures
Thoughts On Lighting
Photographing Sky Textures
Adding Water
Adding Personal Touches
Thoughts On Composition
About The Artist
Special Thanks

Featured In DeskTop Magazine!

February 15, 2008 Leave a comment

c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b_large.jpgSo I woke up yesterday and went about my daily routine of checking emails, comments, RSS feeds etc and one of the emails was from my Uncle in Hobart.

He said he a had a special surprise for me, I was hoping it’d be a pimped out hover craft with lasers and a bobble head hippo air freshener that I can ride to Uni in, (man that’d be sweeeeeeet) 😀

but instead it was a copy of the Feb issue of DeskTop Mag with my piece “Self Portrait, Part 3” filling almost an entire page (pg 70) in the magazine!
There’s also a great article in the issue about the Red Bubble community which is a great read and some really great work from fellow Red Bubblers Enrico Bettesworth and Connie De Camillo.