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Lunar Photography: A Guide To Shooting The Moon

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Lunar Photography TutorialWell you know I’m a massive fan of interesting styles of photography and image capturing/production techniques. So it was to great excitement during the course of my daily internet explorations that I came across this great guide to lunar photography. Shooting the moon correctly can be a very challenging pursuit for photographers, but with the right gear and an understanding of shooting at night, it is something very achievable to us all. This guide covers both film and digital techniques. Hope you enjoy!

Article here

Photograph by Grzesiek on Flickr


How To Capture Light Trails

February 15, 2008 1 comment

light-trails-11.jpgAh yes, light trails. One of those techniques we just kind of stumble upon by accident while trying to capture photographs at night or in very low light. I admit, I’ve never really delved far into capturing light trails, I’ve seen some really beautiful images of light trails and occasionally I’ve tinkered with them but after reading this article and seeing these amazing pictures it’s definitely got me thinking about them. Have a browse through this article by Digital Photography School, if nothing more than to check out some of the brilliant creative effects that are possible with light trail photography.

Photo by Fishtail@Taipei