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Infrared Photography Tutorial

October 22, 2009 Leave a comment

A very handy guide to infrared photography. If you’ve been looking at shooting IR then this should be a great starting point.

Tutorial here


Processing Your Infrared Photos

img_5197a.jpg I can never seem to have enough tutorials on IR photography. This helpful article by is an easy to learn step by step of what you need to capture in IR, as well as one of the many methods of processing your great new IR shots. Enjoy!

View Article Here.

Photo by Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

How To: Making Panoramas

February 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m a huge fan of panoramic photography and with the recent boom in various stitching apps and photoshop techniques, making your own panoramas with your point and shoot or DSLR has never been easier. Here is an easy to read tutorial from with just one of the many ways to easily create your own panoramas in Photoshop. Enjoy!

View Tutorial Here.

Photo By Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

Interview With Roie Galitz

February 21, 2008 Leave a comment

brief_conquest_by_roieg.jpg Roie Galitz is a leading young photographer from Israel. His works consist of dreamlike vistas, beautiful infrared and stunning macro photography. After stumbling across a recent interview on DeviantArt, I became even more intrigued by his images, plus I also love hearing the wonderful life stories of artists and photographers. Enjoy!

Click To Read The Interview With Roie Galitz.

Canon G9 Video Review

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve been researching the Canon G9 as it seems like a great camera to own and I’m looking for a new point & shoot that can take good landscape shots. I already own a G5 but it’s converted to an infrared camera and my Canon S2 seems more suited to macro photography. I’m thinking the G9 would make a fine addition for my landscape and travel photography as I really love the 16:9 ratio and the large image sizes compared to my other cameras. This video is from Camera Labs, I’ve found they do some really great product reviews. Enjoy the video!

60 Ways To Find Inspiration For Photography

February 15, 2008 1 comment

infrared-bubbles.jpg Photopreneur has a great page containing 60 ways to find inspiration and motivation so you can get right back to taking those great photos. This is a great article for those rainy days or late night web surfing. Enjoy!

Click Here For Article

Photo by Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

Converting Your Camera Into An Infrared Camera

February 15, 2008 Leave a comment

img_5193a.jpg One of the questions I get alot on Parable Visions and Red Bubble is “how do I turn my camera into an infrared camera?”

There are basically three options that are worth considering. The first option is to buy an IR filter for your digital camera. I own the Hoya R72, which is a very good affordable choice. The problem however is that all digital cameras have an infrared blocking filter inside them, so putting an IR filter over your lens means you need really long shutter speeds to let enough light into the camera to get past the blocking filter. This basically means you can’t take handheld IR shots with this method.

The second option is to buy a camera that has already been converted into an IR camera. This is done by removing the IR blocking filter from inside the camera and replacing it with a piece of infrared optical glass. There are a few services around that will do this for you. I was lucky enough to win an auction on Ebay for my IR camera which saved me from having to do the next option.

The third option is to do the conversion yourself. This article by Tony Kaplan is a great tutorial to follow if you want a fun little project to do with your old digital camera.

The results of Infrared photography are beautiful, I never go anywhere without my IR camera. I’ve found that it transforms your photographs so much that everything you look at through the viewfinder becomes a photo opportunity. I have a collection of IR photos on my Parable Visions Gallery.

Click Here To View IR Conversion Article.