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Street Photography in Australia – Your Rights

I’m a huge fan of street photography and have always been inspired by the works of urban street photographers such as Joel Meyerowitz and Trent Parke. As a street photographer it’s critical to understand your rights to photograph in public areas so that if you’re ever confronted on the issue, you have a firm and educated knowledge of your rights and obligations. It’s also important to understand your rights if you’re traveling overseas and intending to do some street photography, some countries have very strict laws on photographing certain areas and it’s important to understand the cultural values of a specific country before happily snapping away at that secret government silo. haha,
This is an article on photography rights here in Australia. Well worth a read.
Article Here.

Photograph by Cameron Gray


“The Body And The Self” Promotional Video

Processing Your Infrared Photos

img_5197a.jpg I can never seem to have enough tutorials on IR photography. This helpful article by is an easy to learn step by step of what you need to capture in IR, as well as one of the many methods of processing your great new IR shots. Enjoy!

View Article Here.

Photo by Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

How To: Making Panoramas

February 26, 2008 Leave a comment

I’m a huge fan of panoramic photography and with the recent boom in various stitching apps and photoshop techniques, making your own panoramas with your point and shoot or DSLR has never been easier. Here is an easy to read tutorial from with just one of the many ways to easily create your own panoramas in Photoshop. Enjoy!

View Tutorial Here.

Photo By Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

AF-H: A New Focusing Mode for Hyperfocal Distance

February 25, 2008 Leave a comment

img_5168a.jpg In his first article for, Zoltan Arva-Toth takes the bold step of proposing an entirely new auto-focus mode for digital cameras. Enjoy!

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Photo by Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)

Panoramas On Steroids!

February 23, 2008 Leave a comment

126291811_5a499ceec3_b.jpg Now this tutorial is one of the coolest I’ve come across. We all love playing with panoramas but have you ever thought of creating them with other methods than those supplied on your camera? This tutorial by Photojojo covers a collage style technique for turning your photos into roid ragin’ panoramas. Enjoy!

View Tutorial Here. 

Composition Techniques

February 22, 2008 Leave a comment

I can never learn enough tips on composition, the more tips the better I say. The Digital Photography School has some useful articles on composition and practicing these techniques with your photography. I remember when I first began with photography and wondering why I couldn’t get what I was seeing in front of me to translate into a single frame in a photograph. These simple methods are a great way to learn how to make things “work” in your photos. Enjoy!

View Article Here. 

Photo by Cameron Gray (hey that’s me!)