Hi there!
I guess you’ve clicked here to find more info about myself and my site? Well lets see, I’m Cameron, people generally call me Cameron, so feel free to call me Cameron, or Cam.
Ramblings of a Photographic Geek is one of my many side projects, during the day I’m usually creating artwork for bands and authors, or studying my Post Grad art course at the Academy of the Arts, in Tasmania.

I love new media, digital fine art, photography, video art, short films, shoegaze and post rock music. During my spare time I enjoy exploring the streets with my camera, capturing candid photographs of people and things that I find interesting. I’m a huge fan of street photography and am inspired by photographers such as Trent Parke, Sam Javanrouh and Joel Meyerowitz, to name a few.

I also run ParableVisions.com which is my mother-ship project, everything I do revolves in some way around Parable Visions and it’s where the vast majority of my work can be seen.
My gear includes an Intel Macbook, Canon G10, Pentax K20D and a JVC HD30. I’ve also experimented from time to time with digital microscopy and underwater video. I’m addicted to glowing lights and video projectors!

My favorite coffee is a long black, probably cuz when I first got hooked on the stuff I was too cheap to afford milk and muscled my way through the taste barrier. I started RoaPG for the reason that I’m always finding fantastic photographic inspiration, articles and tutorials, and wanted a way to share them with others who may be searching for the same things. It’s really turned into a collective archive of all the cool and interesting photo media related stuff I find on the net.

So yeah, hope that helps. Check out the Contact page if you want to reach me about anything, I’m pretty easy to get a hold of, just usually takes a few days for me to reply to my emails.

peace and love.

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