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Photoshop – Artistic Methods Half Price!

cover_front_small.jpg I’m currently selling the ebook version of my book “Artistic Methods” for only $4.99 on Ebay. (Half the original price!) Head on over to my ebay store to check it out. You can also download a free excerpt from Parable Visions.

If you’re not familiar with my book, here is the description from DAW. Enjoy!

“”Cameron Gray’s “Parable Visions – The Artistic Methods” is an art reference book for digital artists who wish to learn more about creating art by mixing digital and traditional mediums together using Adobe Photoshop. The book covers areas such as texturing, lighting, creating walls, floors, doors, skies etc, as well as information on composition, perspective, planning & journaling””

Contents Of Publication:

Planning, Sketching, Journaling
Taking Photographs For Texturing
Making Floors
Making Doorways
Texturing Ground
Texturing Walls
Texturing Objects
Texturing Figures
Gallery Of Selected Work
Making Paint Textures
Thoughts On Lighting
Photographing Sky Textures
Adding Water
Adding Personal Touches
Thoughts On Composition
About The Artist
Special Thanks

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