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Featured In DeskTop Magazine!

c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b_large.jpgSo I woke up yesterday and went about my daily routine of checking emails, comments, RSS feeds etc and one of the emails was from my Uncle in Hobart.

He said he a had a special surprise for me, I was hoping it’d be a pimped out hover craft with lasers and a bobble head hippo air freshener that I can ride to Uni in, (man that’d be sweeeeeeet) 😀

but instead it was a copy of the Feb issue of DeskTop Mag with my piece “Self Portrait, Part 3” filling almost an entire page (pg 70) in the magazine!
There’s also a great article in the issue about the Red Bubble community which is a great read and some really great work from fellow Red Bubblers Enrico Bettesworth and Connie De Camillo.

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